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You’ve probably heard it many times what to do with your online marketing. Blogging! Google Ads! SEO! Facebook! LinkedIn! Newsletters!

Obviously, you don’t want to miss out, but you simply need all your time to run your business, instead of running your marketing strategy (and your website).

That’s where we come in. We’d love to help you with your online marketing services, so you have all the time on focusing on running your business.

How we work

Client focused approach

First we analyse your business, your business goals and KPIs and the customer journey of your ideal customers. After that, we determine which strategies and tactics we’re going to use to attract new potential clients to your website and guide through the customer journey, converting them from being a lead in to a customer.

We do this with the right mix of content, email, paid traffic, SEO and social media.

Don’t wait any longer, don’t fall behind your competitors.

How we can help you

A digital marketing expert for your business

We offer our digital marketing expertise in a way that fits perfectly in your current business and budget. 

Project based

Great for when you just want a small part of our expertise in a wide range of digital marketing disciplines. How about integrating your website with your email marketing platform and create email marketing automations? Or setting up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and reports in Google Data Studio?

We can easily fill in the online marketing knowledge gap within your business.

Digital Marketing (Virtual) Assistant

Hire a digital marketer (with expertise in website development and creative design) to join your team, for at least 8 hours a week. Great for businesses that need a digital marketer in their team, but that are not able to hire an employee. Also great if you’re looking for someone to handle your social media management or your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Interim digital marketer

Need someone to join your team as a digital marketer (with expertise in website development and creative design) for a short period of time? Hire an interim digital marketer to support your team who will act as a virtual assistant.

Coaching calls

Have someone to look over your shoulder and ask questions to regarding a wide range of digital marketing services. Need help setting up event tracking correctly? Need someone to take a look at your paid traffic campaigns? Or need help to optimize your landing page for conversions?

What we do for you

For every business model and budget

We’d love to help your business grow with our digital marketing services. This can be done on a project base, as interim or as a virtual assistant. Because of our up to date expertise, you can be sure to keep up with your competitors or even be ahead of them

Sales Funnel Design

A well designed sales funnel could turn strangers (who never heard of you or your company) into a lead and from a lead into a loyal customer.

First we determine who your ideal customers are, then we map the customer journey and design the sales funnel that turns traffic into leads and sales.

Content Marketing

Create the right content for your target audience to generate free organic traffic and leads and increase your brand authority at the same time.

There are many different types of content you could create, like having a blog or create lead magnets (white papers, checklists, guides, etc.). We’ll take over this time consuming task from you.

Email Marketing

Setup an automated email marketing strategy to increase the size of your list of leads and customers and to stay in touch with them.

Email marketing is not only creating and sending out newsletters, but also setting up an advanced email marketing automations to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. We help you with the integration of one of the most effective marketing channels within your company.

Paid Traffic Management

Use paid traffic channels like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn to buy traffic and generate leads and sales, without spending too much for it.

Paid traffic could be very effective, but can drain your budget without results. You can only avoid this with a solid paid traffic plan.

Social Media Management

Use social media to engage with your customers and attract new ones.

The combination of social selling, social listening, social influencing and social networking is essential for your online success. It is a time consuming activity, because not only do you need to create content and posts, but you’ll need to engage with your audience too. We’re happy to take over this for you.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Use a variety of search platforms like Google, but also YouTube, Bing, Amazon to make it easy for your clients to find your brand.

SEO is a special craft. Everybody wants it and thinks is an easy job, hence there’s usually a difference between expectations and results. We help you to create and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy with our premium SEO service, using the best combination of on page SEO, SEO content creation, keyword research, link building and local SEO.

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Setup an analytics plan, reports and dashboards to measure your online success of your brand and to determine your KPIs that are essential for your company.

Only by analyzing your data will you know if all marketing efforts lead to results and what and how changes need to be applied. We help you setup and integrate Google Analytics and create automated reports and dashboards with all important data and KPIs for your company.

Conversion Rate Optimalisatie

Develop an optimization plan that increases the number of leads and sales with the same traffic amount you already have.

Most people think CRO is A/B testing, but that’s just a small part of CRO. There are many ways to optimize conversion rates. We help you with creating a comprehensive CRO plan to increase your conversions and sales.


What our clients say

Hashtag Company did not disappoint. Our website looked exactly like what we briefed them on: it’s responsive and it’s set up with everything a digital agency needs, such as all Google Analytics essentials and pixel tracking.

The service Woei-Sang provided was professional, super quick, streamlined, and zero hassle to us. We’re a busy agency so we’re not always super responsive when it comes to our own stuff, but Woei-Sang only ever came to us for essentials such as revisions.

He basically presented us with a brand new, on-brand, perfectly executed website, not to mention a one-on-one coaching all in which he made it super easy for us to edit anything in case we needed to.

Last but not least, Woei-Sang is a delightful human being, who has a true knowledge and passion for his field, and is always ready to go above and beyond. THANK YOU!!
Ines Lotfi
Eleven Social
I’m very happy with results that Hashtag Company delivers. They really understand our goals and translated these to the website and online marketing campaigns. Their team is very professional and always quick to answer when you need them. It’s a pleasure to work with them.
João Grenho
With Hashtag Company you can count on preparedness, professional knowledge and alot of friendliness. When I came in contact with them I had a half baked website with a lot of question marks, but with a lot of patience and the much needed expertise, they turned it into a beautiful online magazine.

What I really appreciate is that they are very responsive and always respond to my questions and feedback within a day, which is not always the case in this industry. So only positive experiences for me!
Isabelle Vander Heyde
The Moodist
I am jumping for joy because Woei-Sang was able to help me recover my header and navigation after I accidentally deleted it. I had hired someone locally to help me after this big mistake happened, and after several hours, she was not able to retrieve it.

It was an expensive lesson for me to learn, so now I will only work with parties like Hashtag Company that is experienced and truly knows WordPress inside out!
Lily Wu
Because of our long term cooperation, I’ve asked Hashtag Company to develop our website and take care of a part of our online marketing.

Hashtag Company listens to our own input very well to make sure our ideas are translated to the online world. They’re also very involved and engaged in every step of our company.
Ed van den Boogaard
Hashtag Company helped me with my website when I just started my own business. Woei-Sang is a friendly conversation partner, thinks along proactively with me and comes up with creative ideas. He’s also an expert in the field of digital marketing. My website has been completely redesigned recently and I’m very happy with the result as it fits perfectly with me and my company.

That’s why I highly recommend Hashtag Company! They take the time for their customers, act fast, always teaching, listen to the needs of their customers and deliver a beautiful end result.
Olivia Jansen-Yuen
Hard Nodig
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