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You focus on your business, we take care of your marketing

You focus on your business, we take care of your marketing

You know the formula: successful business = 50% good product/service + 50% good marketing.

Think about this: you have a good product, but no good marketing, so no one knows about your product. What if you have good marketing, but a poor product?

In both situations, you’ll have a slight problem.

How about you focus on your products & services and we help you with your marketing?

To be honest, marketing is no rocket science. It’s all about bringing the right message in front of the right people, guiding people through the customer journey, turning strangers into leads, leads into customers, customers into lifetime customers.

What's all this about?

  • À la carte marketing services that are always related to the main strategy, focusing on getting traffic and increasing conversions
  • Always indepth research of your business and creating the best sales funnel for your business and applying the best tactics
  • Always starting with the low hanging fruits first that brings the best results
  • Thanks to our web design and creative design expertise, you’ll have 1 partner for your online business, cutting out 50% of the communication

Let’s talk about sales funnels. It’s a step by step process that turns strangers into returning customers.

Here’s a standard sales funnel for an online business.

In short: at the top of the funnel (TOF) you have the traffic sources where visitors are coming from. On the page where they land, you offer them a lead magnet in exchange for their contact information.

Having their contact information allows you to engage with your leads in the middle of the funnel (MOF) and by doing that you’ll try to guide them to the bottom of your sales funnel (BOF) where they’ll make the buying decision.

A simple strategy, but applying the best tactics in executing the strategy makes it a bit difficult, because there are thousands of tactics you could try. Which ones are the best?

We help you with the shortcuts

A marketing campaign is every marketing effort that’s leading a person to the next stage of your sales funnel. That means: 1 step at a time.

The problem why a lot of marketing campaigns are unsuccesful is because they want to take people to go through multiple stages. They want to turn a stranger to the brand into a customer with a single campaign.

That’s not how it works. Step by step is how it works. And each step of the funnel requires different types of content, different types of email, different types of ads – it requires different tactics.

It can be overwhelming, but we have your back.

We take it step by step too

First we take a look at your current or new business and we create the best sales funnel for your business.

Next would be choosing the right tactics to attract visitors and the right tactics to guide them through your sales funnel or the customer journey. But we’ll probably won’t do them all at once. Step by step remember?

We always aim for the low hanging fruits first. It’s a lot easier and usually gives the best results.

Then we execute the tactics. Maybe not all at once, but always thinking and planning ahead, keeping other tactics in mind.

By combining tactics of different marketing disciplines (e.g. content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, SEO), we’ll make your website a lead generating machine.

And thanks to our à la carte services, it allows you to take your marketing to next level step by step.

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Over 12 years of experience!

I’ve been creating websites since 1998 and have been specializing in online marketing since 2007, learning from people like Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson.

Very passionate to use and share my knowledge and experience to help out solopreneurs and small business owners with their website and marketing, focusing on attracting traffic and increasing conversions.

I have a blog!

On demand technical support

Not tech savvy or simply not having the time and want to have on demand technical support for your website?

Become a VIP member and you can count on our technical support, even if you’re not a client already.


  • Technical support from experts via our ticket system
  • No extra costs if we can fix the problem witin 10 minutes
  • FREE website backup service
  • Good response outside office hourse and in weekends

On demand advice

Ask for advice and help from people like you in our exclusive Facebook group: the Web Design & Marketing Cafe for solopreneurs and small business owners

On demand advice

Ask for advice and help from people like you in our exclusive Facebook group: the Web Design & Marketing Cafe for solopreneurs and small business owners

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