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We create website that can scale with your business, focused on generating leads and sales.

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Websites gericht op leads en sales

With 22+ years experience in web design and development, we dare to call ourselves experts, but what makes us different from other web design agencies is our extensive digital marketing knowledge.

Combining these skills and knowledge, we can create the best websites for your business that are focused on attracting traffic and generating leads and sales.

Web Design

A custom made website that reflects your own personal identity or the brand identity of your company

Web Design

Een website op maat ontworpen die jouw persoonlijke identiteit of die van jouw merk overbrengt op de bezoeker

Web Development

A website developed using the newest technologies and focused on scalability, so it can grow along with your business

Website Maintenance

Always an expert to help you out with your questions or when problems occur and our update and backup service will assure you that your website is in good hands.

What you’ll get

A website with marketing in mind

We think it’s important that you run and generate business with your website, instead of being just an online business card or brochure. That’s why we analyze your business and business goals in our first meeting.

We’ll look at the best tools and solutions to setup automations to generate new leads and sales with your website.

We design and develop website with mobile first in mind, because we know that mobile traffic is still growing exponentially. This means your website will look good on desktop computers and all mobile devices (responsive design).

And because Google rewards websites that are optimized for mobile devices, your website will rank higher in search engine results pages too.

We create websites that are fast and light, so that your website is loaded fast for visitors with a 3G or 4G connection (mobile first!).

If you’d like to have your (current) website be optimized for speed at even a higher level, ask for our “website speed optimization” services.

To be found in the top results of search engines means free traffic to your website. We include the Pro version of SEOPress with every website, so that your website can be optimized voor search engines. 

If you’d like to have your website optimized for search engines by an expert, check out or SEO services.

All websites will have a privacy policy page and functionalities to make sure your website complies with the GDPR, e.g. a cookies acceptance popup. This way you show your visitors and customers that you care about their privacy and user data.

WordPress is our go to CMS platform to build websites, which ensures that your website can be updated for many many years to come. We always uses the newest technologies to create your website, so that your website is always supported by new versions of browsers and devices.

We take security of your website very serious. We can’t prevent 100% of all hacks, but we can do a lot about the security of your website. For example all websites are protected with a SSL certificate, so that the risk of theft of your own and your customers’ data is reduced to the minimum.

If you’re already using third party platforms like Google Analytics, a CRM-system, a ERP-system or a email marketing platform, we take care of the integration between these platforms and your website.

We create your website as flexible as possible, so that you can integrate new tools and platforms easily, when you decide to use them in the future. This will save a lot of integration work and money.

Because we are also experts in digital marketing, we apply the best practices to increase your website conversions when we’re designing your website. 

We analyse the customer journey of your customers and apply this knowledge to your website.

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Eleven Social

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Hard Nodig

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The Moodist

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Why let us create your website?

Involved from the beginning

No matter what type of your website you want, a corporate website, a web shop, a sales funnel website or something else, letting us create your website means:

Knowledgable partner

We strive to be your partner to give you advice on running a business with your website, focusing on generating traffic and leads, instead of using your website as an online business card or brochure. We also give you advice on choosing the right tools and platforms, hosting packages and creating your website content.

You own your website

When we’ve finished your website, you have full ownership to your website. You can edit your website content by logging in to your account, without our involvement. You’re also not renting your website from us, so there are no hidden monthly fees. We don’t like these business models and we strive for freedom for our clients.

Tailor made website

We design and develop your website that is completely in line with your brand identity or your personal identity. We don’t create websites by only changing texts, colors and images of templates, so you can expect an unique website from us.

Free VIP support

After completion of your website, we’re not going to leave you hanging. We give you 1 month full VIP support, in which you can expect technical support from us and ask questions regarding the use of your website.

Scalable website

We always think ahead. We look what you need now and also what you need when your business is growing. We build scalable websites, so that it is easy to add new functionalities or to integrate with tools and platforms, without having to perform major reworks to your website.

Free coaching call

We always offer a free coaching call, to give you guidance and explanation on using the website, so that you can edit and customize your website, e.g. with new texts and images.
What type of website do you need?

For every business model and budget

The Lead Generator - from US$ 799

  • Tailor made WordPress website focused on generating leads and appointments, with a max. of 6 pages (extra pages can be added by yourself)
  • Contact form
  • Optional integration with email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign
  • And much more…

The Blog - from US$ 999

  • A tailor made blog for your (affiliate) business, with a max. of 6 pages (extra pages can be added by your self)
  • Magazine module, to display your articles in a magazine style
  • Ads module to display ads on your blog posts
  • Share module to make it easy for your visitors to share your articles
  • Optional integration with email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign
  • And much more…

The Sales Funnel - from US$ 1199

  • Tailor made WordPress website with 1 sales funnel (no e-commerce sales funnel). Extra sales funnels can be added by your self
  • Sales funnel pages, like landing pages for lead magnet, entry point offer page, “Thank you” page
  • Appointment module for making it easy to book an appointment with you
  • Optional integration with email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign
  • And much more…

The Directory Platform - from US$ 1299

  • Tailor made WordPress website with a database module to show all your data of e.g. your products (non e-commerce). A great solution for real estate agents or if you’d like to create a directory website
  • Optional integration with email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign
  • And much more…

The Private School - from US$ 1299

  • Tailor made website with a e-learning system to sell online courses or online coaching programs
  • Integration with payment modules (using WooCommerce)
  • Membership system
  • Optional integration with email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign
  • And much more…

The Private Marketplace - US$ 1599

  • Tailor made WordPress WooCommerce web shop: an own web shop, completely managed by your self
  • Integration with payment processors like PayPal and Stripe or any other common payment provider in your own country
  • Optional integration with email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign
  • And much more…

What our clients say

Hashtag Company did not disappoint. Our website looked exactly like what we briefed them on: it’s responsive and it’s set up with everything a digital agency needs, such as all Google Analytics essentials and pixel tracking.

The service Woei-Sang provided was professional, super quick, streamlined, and zero hassle to us. We’re a busy agency so we’re not always super responsive when it comes to our own stuff, but Woei-Sang only ever came to us for essentials such as revisions.

He basically presented us with a brand new, on-brand, perfectly executed website, not to mention a one-on-one coaching all in which he made it super easy for us to edit anything in case we needed to.

Last but not least, Woei-Sang is a delightful human being, who has a true knowledge and passion for his field, and is always ready to go above and beyond. THANK YOU!!
Ines Lotfi
Eleven Social
I’m very happy with results that Hashtag Company delivers. They really understand our goals and translated these to the website and online marketing campaigns. Their team is very professional and always quick to answer when you need them. It’s a pleasure to work with them.
João Grenho
With Hashtag Company you can count on preparedness, professional knowledge and alot of friendliness. When I came in contact with them I had a half baked website with a lot of question marks, but with a lot of patience and the much needed expertise, they turned it into a beautiful online magazine.

What I really appreciate is that they are very responsive and always respond to my questions and feedback within a day, which is not always the case in this industry. So only positive experiences for me!
Isabelle Vander Heyde
The Moodist
I am jumping for joy because Woei-Sang was able to help me recover my header and navigation after I accidentally deleted it. I had hired someone locally to help me after this big mistake happened, and after several hours, she was not able to retrieve it.

It was an expensive lesson for me to learn, so now I will only work with parties like Hashtag Company that is experienced and truly knows WordPress inside out!
Lily Wu
Because of our long term cooperation, I’ve asked Hashtag Company to develop our website and take care of a part of our online marketing.

Hashtag Company listens to our own input very well to make sure our ideas are translated to the online world. They’re also very involved and engaged in every step of our company.
Ed van den Boogaard
Hashtag Company helped me with my website when I just started my own business. Woei-Sang is a friendly conversation partner, thinks along proactively with me and comes up with creative ideas. He’s also an expert in the field of digital marketing. My website has been completely redesigned recently and I’m very happy with the result as it fits perfectly with me and my company.

That’s why I highly recommend Hashtag Company! They take the time for their customers, act fast, always teaching, listen to the needs of their customers and deliver a beautiful end result.
Olivia Jansen-Yuen
Hard Nodig
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