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Websites focused on traffic and conversions

Website as a online business card? No, you have LinkedIn for that!

Get enough leads allowing you to say “no”

Doesn’t it feel good as a freelancer or small business owner to be able to say “no” to people you don’t want to work with? It gives you a feeling of freedom to work only on project that excites you.

I used to be in the situation that I’d throw myself on every lead to get the job, because I was not in the position to say no.

How nice would it be if you know that there are always new leads coming in?

How new knowledge led to more leads

I’ve been creating websites since 1998 and would get a paid web design job now and then. I was able to earn money with my skills, so it wasn’t because my skill level that was preventing me from getting new leads.

Until I stepped into the online marketing world in 2007.

Before that, I always regarded a website as an online business card or brochure, that tells people what you do and of course your contact details.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

I’ve learned that a website should always be a lead generator which means it should make you money!

An online business card? You have LinkedIn for that! Your website is your private channel to acquire new customers and get new jobs.

What's all this about?

  • A complete tailor made website, focused on increasing conversions, so that you always attract new leads. BONUS: SEO plugin for better ranking in search engines
  • Fully integrated with your favourite email marketing platform like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign to build your mailing list and use it to increase conversions
  • Designed with mobile first in mind, making your website look great on desktop, tablets and cell phones, including SSL certificate
  • Upon completion of your website, you’ll get 1 month of VIP Gold membership for FREE, so that you’ll receive technical support from us. You’ll also receive a quick training to teach you how to edit your website

The golden formula: webdesign + marketing = traffic + conversions

So you already have a good website or you’re having one created for you, but will this automatically lead to more customers?

Many people can make websites and there are many tools that makes it easy for even non tech savvy people to create a website, but it is the combination between web design & marketing that should lead to more traffic and more conversions.

By implementing a good marketing strategy, you can turn a stranger who has never heard of your business into a lead, a lead into a customer and hopefully into a returning customer who loves your business!

That’s why you need a website that’s focused on conversion

And we’re going to help you with that.

Not only a beautiful website, that shows what your business is about, but thanks to the extensive knowledge of our freelance experts in web design, marketing and creative design, a website that will bring you leads.


In our first call, we’ll take an in-depth look at your business and goals, so that each page of your website is an essential part of the whole picture, your sales funnel.

A complete website means...

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you want, being it a corporate website, a webshop, a sales funnel website, an elearning website, if we create your website, this means:

  • Expert advice

    Extensive advice from experts on how to create a website that will be your own lead generator instead of an online business card or brochure. We'll also help you choosing the right plugins, hosting packages and content that needs to be created.

  • Tailor made

    A tailor made website respecting your brand identity and brand voice. Don't have a brand identity yet? Check out our Creative Design services.

  • You own your website

    When the website has been completed, the website is really yours. You can manage and edit your website with your own account details, without having us involved or paying any recurring fees. We don't like these kind of practices.

  • Mobile first

    We design and create website with mobile first in mind, because we understand it's important now and in many years to come. You're responsive website will look great on desktop, tablets and cell phones. Besides search engines prefer responsive websites, which means higher rankings.

  • FREE VIP membership

    Free 1 month VIP membership (value $ 23.99) to receive technical and general ticket support for 1 month.

  • Teaching you to use

    We'll also teach you the basics of using the WordPress website, so that you can create pages and edit texts and images on your own.

Already have your own website?

A new website or a redesign is probably unnecessary to turn your website in a lead generator. We’re honest about this and won’t allow you to make unnecessary investments.

That’s why our clients really appreciate our à la carte menu. Separate web design services that can be implemented one by one.

We always look at the low hanging fruits: which services have the most impact now on your results and which can be implemented later?

Because we know what we’re talking about, every piece is a part of the same big puzzle.

Thinking ahead – that’s what we do.

Prepare to have the freedom to say “no” and only work on projects you really love!

Over 20 years of experience!

I’ve been creating websites since 1998 and have been specializing in online marketing since 2007 (based on the principles from Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson).

Very passionate to use and share my knowledge and experience to help out solopreneurs and small business owners with their website and marketing, focusing on attracting traffic and increasing conversions.

I have a blog!

On demand technical support

Not tech savvy or simply not having the time and want to have on demand technical support for your website?

Become a VIP member and you can count on our technical support, even if you’re not a client already.


  • Technical support from experts via our ticket system
  • No extra costs if we can fix the problem witin 10 minutes
  • FREE website backup service
  • Good response outside office hourse and in weekends

On demand advice

Ask for advice and help from people like you in our exclusive Facebook group: the Web Design & Marketing Cafe for solopreneurs and small business owners


The Lead Generator
from $ 799

WordPress website with 1-6 pages, integration with email marketing platform.

The Sales Funnel Lead Generator
from $ 999

WordPress website with 1-6 pages, integration with email marketing platform and sales funnel pages.

The Private School
from $ 1299

WordPress website with elearning system to sell your online course, integration with email marketing platform.

The Private Marketplace
from $1599

WordPress WooCommerce webshop, integration with email marketing platform.

À la carte websitediensten

Did you make your choice?

Support Ticket
$ 19

Problems with your website? Let one of our experts have a look at it. If the problem can be solved within 10 minutes, no extra costs will be charged!No refunds on this service as we take the time to look at your problem.

Complete website backup
$ 79

Integrate website with email marketing platform
$ 239

Migrate your website to a new server
$ 159

Website speed optimization
(1st gear)
$ 239

Quick wins + content & image optimization + website caching. No webshop

Website speed optimization
(2nd gear)
$ 349

Quick wins + content & image optimization + free Cloudflare CDN integration + website caching. No webshop

Website speed optimization
(3rd gear)
$ 559

Quick wins + content & image optimization + free Cloudflare CDN integration + website caching + server optimization (i/a). No webshop

Verhuizen van jouw website naar een nieuwe server
€ 159